Let's face it, you've been there too. Remember the first time you tried Toro (Tuna belly)? How about figs? Or fresh mozzarella just out of ice cold water? Remember the words you uttered right after your eyebrows came back to a safe distance from your eyes?  Something along the lines of you being able to eat this for the rest of your life... Well now you can!  

As a hotel manager, I spent a lot of time feeding hungry travelers discovering Morocco and its mouthwatering foods. I really cared for the quality of the food I served so I went the extra mile (several actually) to source the very best for my guests to enjoy on their culinary adventure. I discovered an extremely layered industry where food is sold and resold several times while it slowly decays on the back of a truck before reaching our plates wilted. YUCK! Plus, I hated seeing the farmer getting paid pocket change while the middlemen resell the food for big bucks!

So I went on a journey discovering the best farms and along the way made friends who became our partners. They now make more money, and I have a better food supply to work with!

After answering the question: "MMM...WHAT WAS THAT?!" for the billionth time, I decided to jump in.  All I needed to do, was bring that same passion I have for food to the vessel that would transport our food straight to your table! Enjoy

Enter Dip&Scoop

Fruit on the Argan Tree