1. Passion for food. - Prior experience with food

2. Aha moment

3. Vision: Curation of exotic foods - Changing up the boring diet.

The first time I dipped a warm piece of bread into Argan oil and scooped it into my mouth, my wife started gesturing like a baseball coach. I was in need of a napkin. Drooling is a universally unacceptable table manner...





Sadly, we can't bottle up that exact experience so you'll have to be content with the memory you keep. However, we can get you mouth watering foods from all over the world so that you can live new experiences without the TSA, stinky cab rides or the noteworthy stomach pains that come with culinary bravour... 

My wife and I are avid travelers and love discovering new foods. We are bring that same passion we have for food to the vessel that transports it straight to your table. We want to share our favorites with you and make them your pantry staples. So put the ketchup back into the fridge, change up your cooking, and rediscover the pleasures of food. Enjoy!

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