I am the cook and my wife is the taste-tester of my culinary experiments. Sparked by our love for people, local culture, and rich traditions, we have become world food trotters. We love discovering new foods from Brooklyn's farmers markets to the hole in the wall shacks in Gili Trawangan. New food discoveries always result in a flavor packed meal with loved ones in our tiny NY apartment. 

Spending holiday weekends of our childhood in a farm picking fresh fruit and vegetables made us obsessed with food in its purest form. This is what attracted us so much to our first product, culinary argan oil. Natural foods are our passion and our ultimate goal at Dip&Scoop is to fill your pantry with unprocessed ingredients, nutrient rich foods and an opportunity to uplift your dishes with unique flavors that will bring you together around your dinner table. 

You will notice in our recipes, I don't like overcomplicating natural foods. I don't really measure either, I abide to an old family tradition that your eyes are your scale; so the recipes are usually educated guesses that you can modify based on your own tastes and moods. It's more of an art, not a science. 

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