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At least three times a day, we turn to food for energy, nutrients and hopefully a little enjoyment. At Dip&Scoop, we scour the world looking for the best foods from the best growers and bring them straight to your dinner table.

Culinary Argan Oil

       Culinary          ARgan oil       3.4 oz

For millennia, the native people of North Africa (Berbers) have turned to Argan for sustenance in their harsh desert lands. Just like figs, dates and cactus fruit, Argan is jam packed with nutrients and is absolutely delicious!

1.7 Argan White Background Front.jpg

Culinary Argan Oil   1.7 Oz

Give the gift of a worldly taste this year. 

Almond Butter.jpg


Made following a traditional Moroccan recipe, Amlou is just like the almond butter you love, but better!

Just three simple ingredients make this delicious tasting almond butter irresistible: Premium California Almonds, Culinary Argan Oil and Real Honey.

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